Truck Simulator PRO 2016
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Truck Simulator PRO 2016


Simulations of a job getting bigger, hence the logical question - we miss our real job? In this case, we have a simulator truckers, but in my opinion be a truck driver is not so difficult, of course, the real work will not be as exciting and greatly stretched in time when compared to the hours of gameplay, but still, why do we work? However, about 10 thousand people will disagree with me, and these 10 thousand game is not just downloaded, they bought it! Yes, this project is paid, the price at the moment four dollars, but if you believe the developers, this price with 30% discount, so probably soon it will become a five dollars, and this is also one does not stop on its purchase, the strange case When the opportunity to work for the money we pay ...

Yet, look at what the game is so fascinated all who want to cut the endless highway on your huge truck with valuable cargo aboard. First of all it is a very complete simulation, at least for now and for Android. Here everything - graphics, physics, beautiful location, real situations and much more. In pritsnipe in this genre is very difficult to come up with something new, but you can always improve it there, plus add a little to the side. In this situation, developers have improved a lot and it is a fact, and also added the ability to not only drive a truck, but also hiring other drivers, creating his own empire traffic.

Features Truck Simulator PRO 2016:

  • a lot of different cities in the United States, visited all
  • many trucks and the ability to pump
  • Earn more by hiring other drivers
  • find new routes and explore them
  • fuel consumption, accidents and many other real moments
  • open world with the achievements and statistics

Disadvantages of the game Truck Simulator PRO 2016:

  • Paid game
  • No trial version

Bottom line: great representative of the genre simulators, which absorbed all the good things from the fact that we can offer Android at the moment, it is recommended to use all the fans of the genre.


Truck Simulator PRO 2016


4.24★ 84.79%

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2015/10/22 10:36
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