Braveland Pirate
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Braveland Pirate


The developers of the company Tortuga Team decided to make a number of games for android, classic content, in the form of turn-based strategies. First there was the game Braveland, then Braveland Wizard, and, finally, Braveland Pirate!
This project is hardly popular, because all the products are paid, the price slightly above the two dollars, but we know how it pushes users. However, the developers did not give up and, as promised, we have closed a series of strategies in the world of pirates, which will be discussed today.
As in previous games, all the battles will take place step by step, little resembling the most famous of these strategies, the game - Heroes of Might and Magic, that, in general, quite nice in my opinion.
Just want to say that the game is no different peerless animations or effects, graphics or something else visual, everything is quite simple. Picture a nice, but not much else anyway so no surprise today, even on mobile platforms that have long crossed the border visualization and reached a new level. But the game did not take the beauty of pictures, but by the gameplay, which is very pleasant to fans of the old school and all other lowly people, who did not pursue innovations.

Features Braveland Pirate:

  • in the third game of the series on the battlefield may extend the hero
  • get in your ship and travel between the islands big map
  • during voyages can descend on random enemies
  • grab treasures and find the epic artifacts
  • many pirate tricks
  • the main character can be pumped, there are three talent trees
  • full command ship
  • all the islands painted hands of artists
  • Take a job to the apprehension of dangerous pirates and arrange the hunt
  • Gameplay is quite long and will take you more than seven hours

Weaknesses games Braveland Pirate:

  • Paid game and that's it, there is even a trial version

Outcome: furore game does not produce, like its predecessors, however, that small audience that she could be very happy to seize this part, which is mostly interesting past, but saddened by the fact that this game is the last one.


Braveland Pirate


4.14★ 82.87%

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2015/10/06 11:21
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