Minecraft - Pocket Edition
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Minecraft - Pocket Edition


This famous game came a little less than four years ago, it created a Swedish developer Markus Persson, who helped his small team, which together were called Mojang. The game was written in Java, which caused a lot of problems in the early years, but all of them have been resolved, the more its popularity grew rapidly, which contributed to its development. Remarkably, it was an indie project, which was virtually free. Free you can play offline for free you can get the source code, or pick your own server, and if a player wanted to play online on the official servers, the issue price was only $ 10.

The game is a classic sandbox genre is very interesting, but not very popular, because very few people for it is taken to prepare this game really hard. As a result of the latest updates in Minecraft you get an open world where you can collect resources, to craft them grow food, eat it, fight monsters, build a house or anything else, to explore the mine, to get to heaven or hell ... in general , everything your heart desires, the main limitation - your imagination. There are several game modes, from the hard to the survival of creative god mode, where every element of the game is available in unlimited quantities. Add to this the almost infinite world where everything is happening, which is generated automatically and find something identical is simply impossible ... But what to say, for Minecraft is an entire book (even in print), it contains recipes for crafting and other tricks!

Play Minecraft - Pocket Edition, respectively, it is the same sandbox, only for your android without disabilities, but with a number of disadvantages associated with touch controls. Minecraft for android rendered paid the price in the region of 6.5 dollars, which, in my opinion acceptable. Also, this game has become the founder of a huge number of other games that are visually or thematically resemble her.

Of the minuses of this game I can say only one thing - at the end of 2014 all the rights to it repurchased of Microsoft, for the huge sum of 2.5 billion dollars, which it promises the game - not difficult to guess from virtually free indie project, it will work on commerce is no worse than many other popular hits that often leads to the logical consequences.

Bottom line: do you like this genre or not, the game Minecraft has to try each, absolutely anyone who can press a button and use the computer mouse. By the way if you do not want to pay money for it, download to a PC, where it will be even more convenient if this is not possible or have already tried - do not hesitate, it's worth the money.


Minecraft - Pocket Edition

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