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Developers from SmileyStudio that we still do not know, came up with an interesting game, which has really unique there, however, it does not mean that it will break market. Anyway, I propose to look at another variation of a post apocalypse, performed by young developers who are full of ideas and enthusiasm.

Immediately, I note that the game is all outward appearances is very simple, not only that it is 2D, so also any dvizhuhi on the screen does not occur, but how often does it stop us?
The game established itself as a fairly capacious genre «Survival», under which you can adjust anything, but most often there are zombies. But fashion zombies began to decline, and the developers did not engage them for your project. The story here is more real, because the action takes place in the world that has experienced nuclear war. Remains of radiation, total destruction and vast empty space - that's what awaits us. But, in such circumstances also have to survive, and just in this game you'll see how. By the way, maybe a game like stalkers, there is something in it on this theme;)
Any your outing begins with the collection, which is quite logical. Inventory can hold a limited number of subjects, and the choice is usually more than you can carry, so always have to choose between vital things such as gas masks, food, water, etc., which do not exactly fail. By the way there is even a phone, which is recommended to take in any situation.
Gameplay is built on the principle of game books, where every step you decide the fate of the whole team, so think and weigh their actions, anyone can be decisive. And just then the game can show their strengths - a huge number of events that are impossible to predict! In fact, it can be called a simulator, because just like in real life, no one knows what awaits us around the corner;)

But the game is not without SurGame and minuses, for example the entire original text is only available in the English language than English there is a Russian, but the translation is poor, there is simply no other languages. In addition, the primitiveness of the game may deter many potential fans, a little animation could solve this problem.

The result: a real simulation of survival in a very dark world, which will appeal to all who love the unexpected and unpredictable plots and not be confused by some external simplicity.


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