Door Kickers
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All the less for android appear truly adequate strategies in the usual sense of the word, not semi-arcade where you need to build something and then play strategy and complete the games where you have to think and plan, and if you do not do this, then all will collapse. Just in time for this, and the game can be attributed Door Kickers, the name of which is as it alludes to the participants zavarushku. There really will be a speech about the guys that in the literal sense of the word "take out" door, namely the special squad that and you have to lead.
Game developers - KillHouse Games, meet with whom we have had no opportunity, as this is their first game on Android. However, judging from the implementation of plans have a pretty intensive.

Immediately it should be said that the game is only available in paid format, price, by the way, is quite high - about 4.5 dollars, and by the standards of android is decent. Fortunately, to pay more in the game you do not have, any Donat or something like that there is not provided. True download a trial version, you also will not be so at your own risk ...

As I wrote, the idea of ​​the game is the special squad, which should eliminate this or that purpose. As some may know, riot rarely engaged in large-scale fighting, most of which are small but complex tasks to be performed quickly and accurately. And to get all that way - just have to think, and if it is tied to the game, the Android-I have not seen similar games in which everything needed to think so as there.
Having a building plan and the approximate number of enemies inside, you have to think of a better entrance to go where you want to look at where you can escape ... and that each soldier! A building fairly quickly begin to turn into a complicated maze, and that they need to successfully navigate the real talent and patience. Of course, this is very complicated gameplay, however, the difficulty levels is very different, so I do not get that you are stuck somewhere in one place and throw the game, however, is not some casual arcade game ...

Features Door Kickers:

  • six long campaign
  • more than eight dozen single player missions
  • a built-in generator of jobs which will get something new again and again
  • more than six dozen different weapons and other items
  • there are opportunities to develop your tactics
  • action in real time where you can put a pause
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • All that is happening is clearly smacks of realism
  • Each level has its own characteristics, forget the linearity

Disadvantages Door Kickers:

  • drawing some may not like it
  • the game is only paid

Bottom line: you want a real and complex tactical game? - There she is! Only money, prepare ...


Door Kickers


4.03★ 80.53%

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2015/09/11 11:25
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