In Fear I Trust
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By the way, the developers of these games have become famous CHILLINGO, are bad games in general do not, especially if the game is paid, but this fee, so that even before the start of the game you will encounter with horror, as the need to pay $ 3 for the opportunity to once just scared.

Any decent horror film is primarily a story and then complete this procedure. I will not tell you the ins and outs so as not to spoil the impression, however, not difficult to guess what will be terribly interesting, comes into play when the ruthless KGB, Soviet scientists and the mysteries of the human mind that can hide anything.

Our hero finds himself in some secret prison or a special clinic, in general, where no one wanted to be. According to the classics of the genre had lost its memory and recall anything impossible. However, although the quest and in the style of "first-person" take full advantage of this chip developers did not, as a matter of fact we have to once again get out of the room ... But the familiar puzzles and search for clues diluted dialogues (in English only) and very dark atmosphere, which will allow you to fully feel the fear and horror of the situation in which you find yourself. So, the game will allow you to try to dig out something from his past and the past of people who have been here before you, and believe me, these stories clearly not a happy ending ...

Disadvantages Games In Fear I Trust, in addition to what she paid:

  • Management is so-so, in general very complicated curves ... or who is closer
  • other than English then you will not hear anything, and dialogue in such important games of the ...

The result: the task of the classic horror game copes easily pumping situation grim surroundings, scary music, and many other factors that add up to the same desired result we need;)


In Fear I Trust

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4.1★ 82.01%

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2015/08/30 10:14
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