Role-playing games more, but this was the first where your hero will be one of the angels! No orcs, elves and dwarves, but angels, fallen or conventional - decide for yourself! Game developers - DVide Arts Incorporated did not really have time to shine on Android, because all their projects are paid for, this, by the way, is no exception. To be honest - I see no reason to do the role-play fee is always easier to add something like Donato, which, however, they have not forgotten, so we paid the game with a powerful ... pichalka or given a word!

The game's plot revolves around the Angel Sword legend of one epic weapons - namely, the sword of justice, which, according to legend, was forged by the gods themselves! However, this sword was stolen magician who turned to the dark side (lured cookies), so that a full-scale hunting. The most skillful assistants of the gods - the angels, that they were sent in large numbers on the ground to find the same sword, which we will do.

Role-playing game Angel Sword many familiar and, in general, complete, despite the fact that the platform for mobile games. The story we already have to be stretching the developers have added a lot of interesting quests, the hero is necessary to download and dress, look for him weapons, and so on, of course, ammunition and arms a lot, is where to turn. In addition, there is ample opportunity to personalize, you can choose the color of the wings, skin, and even fill a tattoo. In addition to the quests that you need to carry out the plot there are many other tasks that are available anytime, anywhere, third-party characters in the game a lot. Most importantly in this role-playing game - a big open world where you can travel in any direction, so that the game is really complete, unlike many in this genre today.

Due to the large number of possibilities open world and to some degree of allowance was the graphics, it's good, but the study of the world and detailing at the secondary level, however, it looks acceptable. The main negative - the fact that the game or given, and the ability to download it will cost 6.5 dollars, which is quite a lot. However, the actual game has no alternatives, so if you want normal PRG open world on your android - swing. Plus, the fact becomes obvious and the fact that without the Internet to play Angel Sword, you can not.

The result: a worthy representative of its genre, especially if you do not forget that you can play with your mobile phone ...


Angel Sword


3.96★ 79.21%

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2015/08/23 10:01
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