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Copies and analogues of this game was a lot, so that should be expected to continue anywhere, but all we were very lucky, because its creators have released this game - BANDAI NAMCO, which continue its expansion into the Android and other platforms. By the way, a new part of PAC-MAN is available on iOS, Windows and the PS, so circumvent it will be difficult. Besides, she went much earlier than appeared on Android, so it is quite possible that many have played in it, but it is now, you can do it on your mobile phone or tablet!

What clearly stands to thank the developers, so it's a fact that they have successfully preserved the atmosphere of the game and did not alter it in 3D or other terrible formats, but visually it has changed a bit, but nothing more than that, in general, it is not perceived worse than pristine, and in these games it is very important!
Also, despite the age of the gameplay of the game it is still relevant and has not changed, that once again very please fans. Hero we all the same - Yellow "bun", which is always hungry and had to rush through the maze, eating point, fruits and escaping from the ghosts.

What's new in this part of the PAC-MAN CE DX?
Definitely a lot, for example, the gameplay has become more complicated, infectiousness and dynamic classical soundtrack complement modern notes that caress the ear, a huge number of levels in which you have to test your patience and nerves. Plus level was different not only design, but also design, somewhere it's a classic, somewhere you will drown in the neon glow, and somewhere happy to remember the designer Lego, but again, they are all very complicated!
On each level you will be given a certain amount of time to spend with advantage, to collect the maximum possible number of points and naporovshis a ghost. From time to time, especially if you eat a fruit or a frightened ghost will appear at the new point, so there's a lot of opportunities, but scored a record number of points - is more complicated.

It is necessary to pay tribute to the developers and a very good management, which is implemented by conductive swipe the most common, but different precision and responsiveness that does not occur very often, so this is no problem would arise.

Disadvantages of the game PAC-MAN CE DX:
Something is wrong in this beautiful game - you might ask, well, as usual! For a good product you pay, it's pretty fair and square, only this game on android will cost you a decent amount equal to $ 5, which is not so little. On the other hand, is that amount when it comes to the classics throughout the gaming industry?

The result: a great game and I recommend it to everyone who has been to buy a fan of the old PAC-MAN`a, anyway pleasure you get at least as much and probably more.




4.28★ 85.67%

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2015/08/07 09:54
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