Five Nights at Freddy's 4
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Five Nights at Freddy's 4


Three previous part of the game Five Nights at Freddy's already allowed all players to realize that you can make a terrible game, these games use the most classic methods, in particular eerie atmosphere corresponding voiceovers and Screamer, because of which you will scream! Just Because AaaaaaaAAAaaa !!!!

Needless to predict that the fourth part will be the worst, but is it really?
Let's start with the plot.
The fourth part will not give you the opportunity to see again the sinister animatronics to which you may have to get used to the terrible creation, this time a little bit reminiscent of, but still it's not robots and puppets. Our hero is not a brave guard pizza, but just a little boy who is at home, but many are afraid of the dark as a child, when each formed silhouette sketched clothes seemed a terrible monster. The main difference is that this time the monsters are really here somewhere ... maybe in the closet, and maybe even under the bed! Anyway, the story is quite strange, to say clearly that there is and how and why - it is difficult, on the other hand, in these games a lot more interesting to understand, and most importantly - a sense of horror, I can guarantee you!
The main character will be on the bed, on which to spend the night, and it is up to six in the morning ... this time you will not be able to close the door, all that you have - a flashlight that can drive away the monster, that's just which side he creep? So, in spite of the highly simplified gameplay you in constant tension, and someone will meet with their children's fears, in general, before the swing - you know what you're signing up!

As is customary at the Developer us there are two versions of the game - a free Demo-Version, which includes all 3 nights and the full version, which costs three dollars. So if you love horror - free, check whether it starts, check whether your nerves will stand like that, and if all is well - buy full, you will not regret.

The result: a special epic that could be expected from the latter part of the game you will not find here, better graphics did not, on the contrary has become easier gameplay, but you'll still be yelling ... so if you like this activity, do not miss;)


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