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To the country, many games have long been accustomed, especially when somewhere deep down they are something new, some positive, and in this case positive, I do not find. Not that the game is so terrible, rather just an individual feeling of heaviness she leaves, perhaps you will understand why, and I'll try to explain.

The game begins with the story, which tells that once before the metal from which today are made ordinary things in everyday life had served for the murder, as we look at the three heroes of the game - an arrow, shuriken and martial bullet. The purpose of these instruments of murder all perfectly familiar, so that when you will be the target and launch them into the air does not have enough problems, you need to manage to overcome various obstacles and try to hit the target, the will of fate.
The game adds gloom and layout, which is done with shades of gray and red, so no cool graphics is not here, the usual silhouettes which used to enjoy a lot of developers. Physics flight was on the contrary, quite pleasant, yet the gravity of what is happening is not justified.

In addition to the controversial feelings that the game will cause many people it is worth noting the fact that she had just paid, it is not very pleasant sensations that are more than real, and if the estimate is very simple gameplay and no less simple graphics, there is a concise question - why? ??

What awaits you in the game REDDEN:

  • schedule built on the silhouette
  • strange but instructive story
  • dark and symbolic atmosphere
  • three types of weapons to kill
  • more than three dozen levels
  • simple operation
  • in addition to the basic price of the game there is no other purchases

Bottom line: if you approach this game in terms of philosophy, something she could definitely catch you by showing the value of life and the inevitability of fate, whose role and you have to perform here, but honestly, I do not think that the game is the most means, and only paid the game - all the more.




3.35★ 67%

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2015/07/28 11:35
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