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Periodically android games come so steep that I look forward to when it can be installed on a computer instead of Windows, but until that happens, we have to settle for tablet and phone. But enough lyrical digressions, we must discuss the game, urgently!
By the way, at once joyful news! The game is cross platform, so you can play it on Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows and Linux. It is actually very good news, if you know what I mean;)
Developers and publishers were Polish developers from 11 bit studios, with whom you might encounter in a series of games and Anomaly Sleepwalker's Journey.

It's time to go to the story of the game This War of Mine, which is completely based on real events. And the very unfortunate events and occurred less than 10 years ago. It is a four-year siege of Sarajevo in Serbia, which has long been precipitated by the troops of the former Yugoslavia, and then Serbia. And here it is possible to think that you will play for the brave mercenary or a soldier of the regular army, but no. We're playing for the ordinary civilian, stuck in this hell.
The plot was not only a full historical justification, but also lies on the history of surviving residents, who over the years have struggled with hunger, cold, lack of medicines, looters and any other misfortune that could fall on them from anywhere.

The gameplay here is very rich - you have to manage each participant in your group, you have to communicate with other people, have to produce food and the resources necessary to create tools and other useful things, have to fight and flee. The basis of survival will make it food, medical supplies, heating and aggressive characters, everything else will only add to the atmosphere, which then at least amazing.

Making games This War of Mine.
Here the developers have tried at least as well as the plot. The game like 2D, but it is imposed on the world in the context of volume, around the chaos and ruins, somewhere burns fire somewhere pouring rain. Particular attention was paid to the characters, each of which oedt different, it looks different to every detail. If you find a survivor of the house, each of them will be very different environment, they are even books on the shelves were placed about obshiku couch and do not forget! In the background are looming monuments, walls painted with graffiti or survivors hotels ... well, it's a must see!

Because of the negative, which then, in general, irrelevant worth noting only one thing - the game, of course, paid for android, it will cost about $ 10, but other payments it does not contain.

Summary: This War of Mine is a masterpiece, in any case, it is my opinion, so I recommend everyone else download it on any platform, and to play such an adventure you will not forget!


This War of Mine


4.49★ 89.86%

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2015/07/22 08:51
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