League of Stickman
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If you approach the slasher genre, the stand it is difficult, if only cool graphics and animations, but the developers of DreamSky that we have not faced and then decided to simplify things, so the game League of Stickman dimensional and all the characters are black silhouettes Moreover, over the outside world too, especially not tried making it dark and not very rich in landscapes. Also, odd decision was to make the game a fee, it is really a little less than a dollar, but still. But this is not the main thing in the game a lot Donata! Yes Yes! In the game a lot of toll Donat ... such a policy reminiscent of a radical approach format "You can not be here," and that might work?

But still, let's understand, can there is something that really takes the game to the level that it expects?
The plot of the ordinary - the dark forces break free and begin to destroy everything in its path, but as usual, there were heroes willing to stand on guard of peace and order, fight the hordes of hostile enemy. Implemented the game is quite not bad, despite the fact that this is not the usual 2D stand out in appearance, the developers have added a bit of role-playing games, giving your character the ability to be staffed with different ammunition, it is allocated under the six cells, which you can fill in whatever you like. For example only the weapons that will give a strong attack and weak defense or to find an adequate balance of the two, pick up cool artifacts, and so on, but with this you will already get into the game. Selection of fighters is very high, but most of them are sold separately, for the same Donat ... with diversity, as heroes and enemies here at full order, but then again, surprises payment for all.

Features League of Stickman (according to developers):

  • the best action in 2015 (what?)
  • the most anticipated action in 2015 (seriously?)
  • the best graphics (really, how could it be otherwise?)
  • Easy management (of course, it's a slasher!)
  • World Ranking (yes, that's right)
  • a large number of characters (and it's true)

Disadvantages of the game League of Stickman (objectively):

  • Paid game
  • game with Donato, then all paid!
  • animation here "not very"
  • the picture is quite scarce

The result: on the one hand in front of us is quite stylish and varied slasher, on the other hand, it is not enough that charge, so even with the given support, and visually very few people surprise, but ... I'm probably no longer understand the world as the number of downloads it crawls to the mark of 50 thousand that is not even bad for a paid game.


League of Stickman

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3.45★ 69.06%

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2015/07/20 10:38
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