Pro Zombie has hundreds of different games, but you know, the ones that fully reveal the essence of a very few. Most often it is children Rahner, shooting ranges or simple shooters, where instead of a zombie can put all the characters, but not in this case. Let's start with the good news - it's not a shooting gallery! In this game there is a possibility of free movement, it is a bit limited by the space where you find yourself, but still go forward, backward, left or right you will, that enormous progress, especially when you consider that you are in the city who died from the dreaded zombie virus and a bit of spoilers from the trailer:
"All the people you know are dead! But you are not alone ... "once you understand how deep the developers came to the disclosure of the apocalypse theme;)
Speaking of developers, the game released Foursaken Media and she does not have one, but at least one of the game we have surveyed, it was the Phantom Rift, funny and role. It is difficult to judge the popularity of the developers because all the games he paid, but unfortunately NYZombies 2 also paid (by the way, where the first part?), But the price is quite reasonable - only one dollar, I will say in advance, the game is worth the money!

The game takes place in the famous New York City, once a very busy city with millions of inhabitants, there are now quiet, only occasionally heard cries for help, or wheeze dead ... no one will wish to be in this situation, but it is here and you have to survive, any ways! So try to trim a knife, a gun and go shabby to seek asylum and the other survivors, perhaps you have a chance to reach an extra day or two ...

An important part of the game is the story, yes, there is not enough dynamics, more needs to read or to delve into the history, but also hard to call it a shooter rather quest, because at each level will give you a specific task, somewhere will have to survive a lot of exterminating zombies somewhere to find a tool that will help continue the journey into the closed parts of the city. There are three levels of difficulty - easy, difficult and very difficult, the most difficult mode if you will be able to pass the first two. As part of the registration of the game also please many, decent graphics, researched the world and quite different zombies, some are fast, some are slow and look each in their own way. In general, the atmosphere is great! And whether you need something else in such horror movies?

Among the shortcomings of the game NYZombies 2 can only note the angularity of the picture in some locations that the modern game, many can not forgive, as well as the plot, which, though designed and atmospheric, but still fairly standard and will surprise you with unusual twists and tangles.

Bottom line: if you do not feel sorry for the dollar, if you like the apocalypse and everything connected with it, especially the unique atmosphere of zombies and survival, then do not be afraid not of the top-end graphics and simple game you like it!


NYZombies 2


4.03★ 80.58%

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2015/07/18 12:38
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