The first of Rahner were very simple, they do not require us to pump your character, not asked to perform any job and in general much that they did not have. Then, the genre evolved and appeared all sorts of complications, which allows great interest to spend their time playing, but about the classics were gradually forgotten, but the developers of Popcorn Entertainment Limited decided to recall and have created a game Storm Rush.

It begins fairly simple, the kind of "out of sight" and the road, consisting of the mass of the tiles are laid out neatly before level. You rush forward and all that is necessary - to dodge the high red pillars that your path will be strewn with. Of course it is quite difficult, and the account is conducted in a second. And the longer - the better, and when bump, know exactly how many have held and will be able to share your record with your friends. No points here is not charged, only time, and to improve, in general, there is nothing, so that only the road, you and the obstacles is very simple.

What do you exactly like in the game Storm Rush:
She is very beautiful, reasonably simple, but even so - very beautiful. Plates for which you are moving polished and reflect the world around us, which is a perfect sea surface and wonderful clouds on which you can watch for hours, only to look at them will not work because all your attention will be concentrated on the route. Anyway, it is very beautiful!
In addition to the stunning beauty awaits dynamics, kind of "out of sight" in the best way it is promoted and to be honest, I've seen enough of racing where you can get at least something like that, and the dynamics of this sister of adrenaline, so that the conclusion made yourself!

What you definitely do not like the game Storm Rush:
Let's start with the fact that any speaker on any device, especially if it's your mobile phone is connected with the necessity of excellent optimization (on consoles), but here it is quite on a different level, of course on the level below, and thus a very powerful device is likely to cost no problem, but on a powerful can be lags that necessarily lead to an accident, and it angers, very. Besides the obvious problems many people do not like the classic story, because it is boring, and boredom can destroy any project. And to finish off you I'm happy to say that the game is paid, the price is a little less than two dollars, which is quite strange for Rahner in principle.

Bottom line: you want a visual thrill and adrenaline-induced dynamics, while willing to pay a couple of bucks and believe in his android 120%? - Swing necessarily! And if you are not interested in these games, in principle, and weight parameters is questionable, it persuades you, I will not, on the contrary ...


Storm Rush


4.19★ 83.88%

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2015/07/10 09:44
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