Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions


The developers of this game became famous Activision Publishing, Inc., if someone does not know - it's developers Call of Duty, the game, the name of which is booming more than a year. What can I say, in the last part of a character played by Kevin Spacey! That you do not just advertising, but a full role! Anyway, from these developers should not have come to life, and something else, the game looks cool, it is cool and is available on consoles, in addition to Android and iOS.
But what happened to the classic gameplay, and not all destroyed coolness appearance?

The idea of ​​the game is quite simple and can be reduced to a set of regular geometric shapes. Here we will have different squares, triangles and other animals, why animals? Yes, because everything is moving! Our ship of the classics of the genre is a triangle, and he has to shoot all the other pieces on the board, nothing unusual at first glance, only the playing field is also a geometrical figure that is constantly changing, a bud in a kaleidoscope! This process is difficult to describe in words, more clearly can see in the video, but it looks amazing! Lots of explosions, flares effects and all this dynamic ... amazing sight, and only the gameplay so many times better and stronger addictive. In any case, if there is a more than excusable visualize the fact that apart from shooting other figures to do something here and nothing, oh yeah, still have to dodge them by cutting circles on the playing field, but it is not very different from the classic scrolling shooter.

Features Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

  • floor levels hundreds of unforgettable adventures
  • all the levels are different and very beautiful
  • Five levels of difficulty
  • Ten game modes
  • five different drones that can become your companions
  • Five super bonuses that have terrible destructive force
  • statistics and the ability to compete with your friends
  • several control configurations
  • You can connect the joystick

Weaknesses games Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

  • Perhaps, but only one is! The price of issue - $ 5! Well that is not ... Donat

By the way if anyone noticed that this is the third part of the game, though the first two on Google Play, you will not find, but they were and Activision also took part in their development, but the first part of the game appeared long ago, in 2003, and the second in 2008 then I forget about this game, but today could very loudly about me remind!

Bottom line: on one side is a simple arcade game, which can not be popular, on the other hand, it is stunningly beautiful arcade game, which is the more popular, that's only $ 5 cost of all ports :(


Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions


3.74★ 74.75%

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2015/06/30 12:43
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