The developers of this game became Pixelbite, the same guys that made the last part of the game Reckless Racing, and even Space Marshals. These games were in their perfect, but each has been paid, as well as project Xenowerk. Is this wise? If you talk sensibly, that among these three games Xenowerk was very cheap and will cost you less than two dollars, while similar in genre Space Marshals were worth about four. Although the popular Space Marshals are not called, not more than five thousand downloads a failure ... I would say. But Reckless Racing 3 for the price of three dollars have sold approaching 100 thousand, which is quite a lot for a paid game. Unfortunately it is a different genre, but it is too early to judge how Xenowerk surpass or not make it to his "colleagues."

Anyway, now I have to fight with the mutants!
In fact the game is a rare (for android) shooters, only with a first-person, but here you have complete freedom to move around the corridors of the once successful laboratory which carried out horrific experiments appear to all, and to destroy. As usual, sent to rake feces girl with a powerful weapon in their hands. As usual.

No intriguing part of the game unfortunately is not all that is required of you - to do the job, which is very simple and goes something like this: "Destroy all the mutants and their nests." So no tricks, secrets and the quest was not there, just walk through the corridors, collect new weapons and kill scary monsters. By the way there are so many weapons, and by the way is the Donut! What is pretty rough on the part of developers.
But as the game Xenowerk can safely boast excellent graphics, well-developed locations where there are objects that can be destroyed, excellent dynamics and mechanics, so that overall, the game takes its job perfectly well. In addition, it is long enough, then the floor hundreds of levels, which in short can not be called.

Outcome: Xenowerk it's definitely a very high-quality project, which is worth the money, but there is Donat, there is some uniformity because bored from one level to crumble mutants could be much more interesting, the developers add a little story and more interesting pieces ... but until then, the gold from the heavens game will not suffice.



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3.8★ 75.9%

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2015/06/30 11:40
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