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This application is quite difficult to call a game, rather it is an interactive story, a full participant and you will become. This story will be about life and death, so that your every decision will be very important and will make you once again to think about what is worth to do anyway.

It implemented the game is quite unusual for the genre, which is gone somewhere in the nineties, when the book began to leave the game in the past, but it is, in general, and not a book, it's almost alive dialogue with man, was in a terrible mess.

The game starts with a simple SMS from which you can understand that at the other end of the astronaut by the name of Taylor, who miraculously survived the terrible accident and, after reaching a rescue capsule could land on some desolate planet. Now, Taylor need your support and your advice on survival and all further actions. Astronaut decided to rely on you so much, and he would go there will do depends on your decisions, not blundered!

Just play many other remarkable moments. For example the fact that its plot lies entirely on the shoulders of the writer Dave Justus, so this is a professional job and not a flight of fancy of a schoolboy. You can not beat the game for a few hours, then events unfold with such speed that suggests the plot, getting regular alerts on your phone, you can always answer them later, but not before creating escalate the situation and will keep you in the grip of a long time. The game looks very simple and play it very simple, but in spite of this in its development was attended by eight people, so this product is first class!

Communication with the astronaut will be easy and quite interesting, he would joke and show other emotions, you pretty quickly believe that this is a real man and imbued him with sympathy. From this you will be even more difficult to take vital decisions that affect his life. In addition to the very interesting stories and dialogues in the game you will Lifeline and sad soundtrack, which ultimately will set you on the right wave of experiences and awareness of what is happening.

The main problem of this game is that apart from the country genre, which definitely will not appeal to many, it was also a paid, this masterpiece is $ 3, which is not so much for the "living" book, and the ability to manage other people's lives. It is also worth noting another problem, the game is only in English, except for the text there is nothing ...

Bottom line: if you do not mind $ 3 a great game, you know the English language and are tired of the epic battles and other action, want to plunge into a new world and take on a huge responsibility - do not pass by this project, almost 10 tyasyach people trust developers and we were satisfied with the result!




3.37★ 67.4%

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2015/06/25 11:48
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