Grim Fandango Remastered
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Grim Fandango Remastered


Who remembers the quest The Cave? I am sure many. It is truly a masterpiece of the genre, created with the participation of Ron Gilbert, which was quite popular on Android. Despite the fact that the game was paid, it downloaded almost 50,000 times, which is pretty much at a price of $ 3. Moreover, the huge number of people have downloaded its hacked version, download the version for PC or consoles, the whole game was a success, it is a fact. The developers of Double Fine Productions, and decided to release on android yet another masterpiece, which is a lot, and so could be a sign - Grim Fandango Remastered.
This game was originally called Grim Fandango and the first time the world saw it back in 1998, when developers were LucasArts (all owners of Android known for a series of games Angry Birds Star Wars), and Double Fine Productions have publishers pleased that nothing has changed;)
For it was the first LucasArts game with full 3D, as for many players it was the first quest of the underworld! Of course, the first quest unparalleled story based on Aztec myths about the afterlife, and film noir classics of cinema. But, in spite of the fantastic event, we are waiting for a very real crime, corruption and many other sins of the modern world in which each of us is rotated every day. Fortunately, the game re-released this year, running on all current platforms, android party did not pass, but you know how it is ...

What if death with a scythe sitting in the next room?
Even after death could dissolve the bureaucracy, exactly what happened in the game. Each deceased necessarily falls to the Department of death, the chief of which is a classic-looking death with a scythe. Next, count the number of good deeds committed by the deceased during his lifetime and, depending on the amount of each issued capital spending to be on the way to the Ninth world, the main purpose of each of the deceased, the place where you will be able to rest and finally relax.
If finances permit - buy a train ticket direct, four minutes and you are there, if the finance is not so much, there are other options for how to get there, it is also quite comfortable, but our hero there are none at all, so he will have to go walk ... four years. On the way we are waiting for the danger (like the second death) and a lot of adventure, which should be everyone!
Making games is impressive not least the plot, around the skeletons of tents and attention to detail, each scene is reminiscent of the best photos from the holiday "Day of Death" in Mexico, where a lot of style and learned.

But what about the fly in the ointment?
Unfortunately the game Grim Fandango Remastered was not without drawbacks, which ignore the few who succeed. To start this pricing policy, which since the quest The Cave has changed dramatically, because the game Grim Fandango Remastered is not three dollars and nearly ten! Apart from that, the game is heavy (more than three gigabytes), it requires a lot of resources and eats a lot of energy, and everything else is just fine!

Bottom line: do not like to say it, but I will say - Android is not the best platform for this game, the game is absolutely amazing, another masterpiece, it must necessarily play, but if you can - somewhere else, but if you only have an android , think twice before you spend that amount.


Grim Fandango Remastered


3.5★ 69.92%

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2015/06/11 09:50
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