Androids so full of games of all kinds of monsters, especially about zombies. But, despite this, good-quality horror almost no rekdko when they appear, and zombie so all can be counted on the fingers, but because the game DEAD EYES in this list has been refilled, and the game is not only scare you but make you think because this is not some bloody action, a turn-based puzzle game! Nevertheless, fear, terror and blood has not been canceled!

The game takes place in the world mutilated another zombie apocalypse, some people were able to evacuate the rest turned into zombies and walk through the streets in search of food, but one man is literally stuck between a rock and a hard place, it will be our hero! The boy, who for some reason did not get to the evacuation remained in the city and now he is faced with only one goal - to get to a safe place alive, if at all there.
The name of the game was not accidental, because to survive you have to avoid falling into the field of view of a zombie who, seeing you will want to eat ...
Each level has a conditional goal to which you want to get the gameplay here is a step by step, so that in one move you can pass a single cell. We'll have to get used to the habits of different zombies, but the main thing to know to survive - not to get one square to them, otherwise there will be blood, lots of blood!

Making games.
This is a separate topic that is difficult to convey in words, but watching video you can learn a lot - the fog, darkness, shades of gray and blood! In addition, the game is made in the style of pseudo-pixel, which also gives it a certain charm, even more tightening in a terrible atmosphere. It does not disappoint and sound to the bone, leaving no chance to be indifferent to what is happening. So scary, very scary!

Features DEAD EYES:

  • four episodes, and over a hundred levels
  • four kinds of zombies each moving in its
  • many ancillary facilities
  • there is collecting
  • Built-in statistics with the leaders

Weaknesses games DEAD EYES:

  • the game is only in English, it will upset many
  • game and paid the price of five dollars too high for android

Summary: To be honest, apart from the cost of the game is not to reproach me in anything, terrible atmosphere, lots of levels, a unique style, a lot of blood, challenging assignments ... perfect! By the way, there is one recommendation for the passage if you want to experience the real horror, then turn off the light, stick the headphones on and on;)




3.57★ 71.42%

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2015/05/31 10:50
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