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The plot of this platformer is hardly original, to be honest it is all reminiscent of the classics of the genre - the famous game Mario, because in this case, (the way the main character and alien), we also have the kidnapping his beloved that it was imperative to rescue, by itself will not do without your help and support, including financial, since the game only paid, costs one euro.
Needless to abandon their beloved no one will, that our hero is sent to trace the abductors on an unfamiliar planet, full of traps, hazards and other difficulties that we have to fight. Fortunately at the beginning of the game will be held fairly detailed training that will show not only how to manage a hero, but also how to use the menu, its main features.

Like the story, the gameplay here is hardly revolutionary, there are a couple of interesting moments, but overall it is the usual platformer. Levels in the game quite a lot - more than a hundred, besides, some of them quite complex, so that if you buy this game, then it will take you a long time. And here begins each level is pretty unusual, you first show the entire route, and then offered to make some changes to simplify the problem, it does not forget - our alien is able to run on the ceiling!
Management is a bit like Rahner, the hero will run itself, you will be required only to bounce (tapping the screen) and change the surface on which you want to run a simple swipe, then the other is required. Passing level need to pay attention to three things - to get to the finish line, collect all the gems and do it as quickly as possible, on the basis of these parameters at the end of the level you will get one or more stars. The more stars - the easier it is to open the next level, this scheme is quite clear and simple. And for those who like to shoot the developers added levels of shooting, that a little bit, but the variety of gameplay.

Making the game Sniffi came easy, I would even say in a minimalist style, but the colors are chosen fairly well, too, smooth animation, so no game will not cause negative.

Outcome: pleasant enough arcade, but not much more, but when you consider that there is no possibility to download at least a trial version for free, the popularity of such a project is difficult to guarantee.




3.27★ 65.33%

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2015/05/25 09:50
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