Fruit Ninja: Math Master
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Fruit Ninja: Math Master


It is no secret that its huge success developers Halfbrick Studios are required only one game - Fruit Ninja, a free version is downloaded about 500 million times, and paid about 5 million times that incredible for such a simple application. In addition to the Ninja failed them and the game Jetpack Joyride, which is less than the number of downloads, but also exceeded 100 million in total from this developer always get a simple but popular games. What nogovogo they can offer us today?
To be honest, I thought it would be another addictive arcade game, but it was a bit different, amid frustration from a negative start.

What is not liked in the game Fruit Ninja: Math Master
The first thing that catches your eye - the game fee, and costs a little less than five dollars, on the other hand the situation is quite familiar to many worthy projects cost money, and that's fine. But, unfortunately, the price is only the first disappointment, which could be put up if not for the fact that the game is designed exclusively for children aged 5-7 years, while this fact is not just some kind of phobia developer is an obvious fact, since the main goal of the game - to teach children to count ...
I do not mind developing games and applications that need them like everyone else, but not from the same developer! Not on the basis of one of the most popular games! Anyway, they did it ...

The essence of the game boils down to is that you need to cut down the monkey's paw swipe usual right amount of bananas. The required amount can be determined solving an example at the top of the screen, the task will be changed, but the essence will always remain the same - you need to decide example and, starting from this, chop bananas.

Bottom line: the game Fruit Ninja: Math Master turned out beautiful and with good physics, in the best tradition of fruit ninja, but its main problem is that it is paid exclusively for children and that participation is considered, in principle, the rest of the game does not need.


Fruit Ninja: Math Master


4.23★ 84.57%

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2015/05/14 11:58
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