Joe Danger
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To say that it can not complete the race, an event management and strictly obey arcade concepts, so we assume it's an arcade, despite the fact that what is happening is more like a race of trial, quite popular on Android. The main objective of this game (by the way it is on consoles and PCs) to entertain you, so if you like challenging tracks, experienced opponents and a lot of obstacles, the more likely it is you will not work, but if you want to relax - at the time, in something she even children, if you will;)

The gameplay in the game is very simple, in most cases, you just want to reach the finish line, in addition to the level of scattered coins that are best to collect. Our hero will just rush forward, this process nepodvlasten you, all you need - on time Tapan on the screen so that it bounced, thereby overcoming obstacles, featuring stunts and collecting those same coin. By results you will get a star and get a certain number will unlock the next level and so on. For some levels you will need a special hero costume, Elvis costume for example, or the other no less fun, that's just the costumes are worth the money, gaming, but they may not be enough, just then we picked up some shortcomings of the game Joe Danger.

Disadvantages of the game Joe Danger:
the fact that the gameplay here is very simple can be justified by the fact that the game is more for the kids, but not only that she paid (the price of a little less than three dollars), but the developers did not hesitate and add Donat here ... awful to be honest! It is also worth noting that the game is not a trial version, so either buy or not to play.

Features Joe Danger:

  • bright and colorful graphics that exactly like children
  • simple gameplay and simple controls
  • According to the developers you will find more than 20 hours of gameplay
  • quarter of the hundreds of characters and costumes
  • new jobs every day
  • Full support for most gamepads

Bottom line: Overall enjoyable game, even lost somewhere between arcade and a full-fledged product for children, but there is clearly a system of monetization frustrating.


Joe Danger


4.43★ 88.57%

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2015/04/26 11:35
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