Adventures of Poco Eco
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Adventures of Poco Eco


The plot of the game Adventures of Poco Eco introduces us to the angular-looking creature, vaguely reminiscent of a cat who one day finds a cassette with music and meets the deities who sent us on a journey, the results of which we have to find all the lost sounds.
Speaking of sound, the soundtrack is the strong point of the game, he picked up just amazing, and is itself a minimum fine. Worked on it for a composer from Hungary, hiding under the pseudonym Iamyank, so that in addition to the game itself, everyone who acquire it will get the soundtrack for the game, which will be fine specimen in the collection of any music lover.

Journey of our character is laid on various and unusual worlds where will look for sounds, solving puzzles, their means stepping on the large buttons, each of which is a bit of modernizing the level of opening or closing passages, opening new buttons and so on. Locations in the game is very intricate, but beautiful graphics will smooth your suffering, then you can wander for hours, the benefit of any limitation on the time available. Just missing the opportunity and somehow lose or die, so in the end we get fun levels where just nice to wander under the great music.

The disadvantages of the game Adventures of Poco Eco include the fact that the free play it does not work, there is no trial version, complete it is worth a little less than two dollars. A second drawback of a more significant - though interesting gameplay, but only at first, then he starts a little annoying and repetitive, so the game for amateurs.

Bottom line: the developers quite rightly asking for money game, it is quite original, beautiful and high quality, that's just the audience under it will be difficult to choose because it is extremely patient and diligent people love music, who are not afraid some monotony.


Adventures of Poco Eco


4.44★ 88.75%

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2015/04/24 11:53
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