Monument Builders: Alcatraz
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Monument Builders: Alcatraz


Building strategies with an admixture of the economy and the efforts of developers called simulators many reasons for this mass - a genre quite popular for touch screens, he is perfect and in general, most of these games are quite simple and do not require attention, which means you can play anywhere. But for obvious reasons, as well as any of the other, the genre began to slowly get rid myself that developers exposed to desperate measures in terms of experiments with subjects and others. Today the bait caught already known to us comrades from Anuman, not so long to release a continuation quest Siberia.

As you might guess from the name, you will need to build is not nothing but a famous prison Alcatraz! Job rather strange, but provided a good developer and approaches with humor, the game was pretty interesting, so we consider it in more detail.

The developers decided to beat the game on dozens of levels, passing that you can identify your progress and to adequately assess the success of the construction at this stage. In addition, the same building, and there are always deadlines are important, so it is important to pack them. Construction of the object divided into a number of steps you have to gather resources, build factories, shops, get directions to the building site, and so on, a lot of worries, but each of them will not be a burden, it's pretty fun and positive, as well humor helps gameplay .

Features Monument Builders: Alcatraz

  • build, manage resources, perform tasks
  • the most important thing - to meet deadlines, cunning as you can
  • Do not forget to defend themselves from bandits, who do not want the appearance of a prison
  • many different jokes "in the subject"
  • more than five dozen levels
  • bright and positive chart

Disadvantages games Monument Builders: Alcatraz

  • Not everyone will like to build a prison
  • not everyone wants to pay $ 3 for the opportunity to build a prison

Bottom line: in general it's pretty simple - if you do not mind the fact the construction of the famous prison, and you will not regret three dollars, then why not, the game was bright, interesting and very original.


Monument Builders: Alcatraz

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4.41★ 88.14%

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2015/04/22 10:58
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