The first part of the game was released on the android not so long ago, and have done so already, two developers - Buka and Anuman, the second part got only Anuman, which in my opinion is absolutely correct. So if you are ready to go into the world of steampunk and live mammoth - go ahead!

An important component of any part of Siberia was the story, the continuance of which is waiting for you, and in the second part, in general, all the parts are connected, so that the story just goes on, the characters are waiting for you all the same, that's just the situation changed and adventure await you absolutely new! The second part you have to spend in the area after which the game and was named, still unraveling the mystery and trying to understand what is happening. As in the last part you will find amazing location, lots of little things that you'll folded as carefully worked out and all by itself, thanks to the excellent localization superb gameplay, which is now almost perfect for touch-screen devices.

As in the last part, we have to go on this wonderful world, to communicate with different characters and solve very complex puzzle, the solution of which will be available only to people with wit and good memory, because any the smallest and seemingly insignificant detail can be a key issue in solving another puzzle. Do not forget about the search for objects, which there are many and are not redundant, so try to trim all that you can and think where it will apply.

Bottom line: the results we can safely say that the game Syberia 2 turned masterpiece, beautiful location, a lot of characters, many secrets and mystical events, fascinating story and indescribable atmosphere, which will want to return again and again. Perhaps the only negative of the game is that it is a paid, full version of the second part will cost $ 5, against the background of the price tag on the same "DuckTales" looks very acceptable.


Syberia 2

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4.27★ 85.47%

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2015/04/08 09:52
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