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DuckTales is really a story, especially today! It was the second animated series from Disney who moved from comics to the screen (the first were Gummi Bears), it happened a long time ago ... already in 1987! Cartoon filmed 3 years and only has hundreds of episodes, but we are about the game! The first part of which appeared in 1989 and represent themselves as it looked and what you can play it :)
A remake of the first part was released a couple of years ago for consoles and PC, but now the game has reached and the android, and what I can congratulate you! In addition to the original plot and execution (it remained platformer) we get a really modern game with very good graphics, animation and even voice acting for the characters were hired famous actors! Fortunately Disney can afford it, but everything has a downside, and then she too, but more on that later.

Features DuckTales:

  • a unique opportunity to play for the famous Scrooge McDuck on your android!
  • Seek the legendary treasure of the most remote corners of the planet, visit even on the moon
  • original methods of the protagonist are the same as 28 years ago
  • Fight dangerous bosses
  • Enjoy the original voice acting
  • unlock nine dozen drawings
  • The game supports joysticks

The reverse side of the coin.
Complete processing of the game, story, graphics, voice professionals ... you understand that it is worth the money, and more! Think about it, how much it cost to call a man aged 95 years, is voiced by Scrooge in the original series! I in general is the fact that the game is paid, no demos, Trials and other indulgence. Do you want to play - pay $ 10 and enjoy. And yet, because of the invaluable voice for all other languages ​​there is only subtitles, not so much a problem, but few people like to read them ...

Bottom line: the disadvantages described above for the gameplay and fun of him in general, does not affect, and the game itself as a remake as classics like platformer turned out just gorgeous! It goes for the most part it is aimed at fans of the cartoon, comics and original games, and I'm sure that there is such a huge amount! So, thanks to Disney for the opportunity to go back in time;)



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4.27★ 85.43%

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2015/04/06 09:58
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