Tomb Raider I
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For the first time this game appeared almost 20 years ago - in late 1996 and released on the PC in the Segou and PlayStation One, and, as it is not strange, a little later, she appeared on your mobile device! True, it was rather a joystick with which you can call me about N-Gage if that;) And it took so much time that it appeared again on mobile devices, thanks to the developers of the SQUARE ENIX Ltd, for which this is not the first cult shooter, they released Deus Ex: The Fall and Hitman GO, but Tomb Raider I is another matter, an entire religion, not only because it is one of the first to third-person shooter, which at the moment evolved into something unimaginable, but it is also one of the most juicy characters - Lara Croft! In general, it has 4 vypushena part of the game and a remake of the first part, it goes with cool graphics and other modern gadgets. Thanks to an interesting and gripping story in the style of Indiana Jones was shot two films are also quite popular, but controversial comments received, especially from fans. What will tell fans about the game on android?

The plot of the game, I will not describe in detail, because it has not changed, you still have to take part in the search for Atlantis and face a lot of problems associated with it, you are still waiting for the ancient ruins, dangerous descents and ascents, lots of shooting and fights including the dinosaurs ...
It is necessary to pay tribute to the developers who did not break up the game and made it complete, ie with several heads that originally released only in 1998, so that the entire first part is at your feet. Here are just a game fee worth one dollar, but is it a lot over the icon of the gaming industry? The same advantage will be a wide range of management, including the ability to connect controllers MOGA Ace or Logitech PowerShell, which will please many kazualschikov.

Judging the game objectively, with its task developers handled in full, on the technical side there are no claims, so if you're a fan of Lara Croft - buy necessary.
As to the general perception, the fans forgive me, I used to see these games in other, especially when compared with the last part of the same Uncharted, which is not on mobile devices and PCs, but still it is all about him know, modern features, amazing graphics ... and then scary textures and still rather limited gameplay ... that we are older, or something else happened, but the game does not leave that unforgettable feeling like 20 years ago ... it is logical .

Bottom line: for one dollar, the game Tomb Raider I for android you will not get modern graphics and unique features, but you will get the opportunity to play the iconic shooter with an interesting plot and famous characters, the rest does not matter.


Tomb Raider I


3.88★ 77.53%

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2015/04/03 11:22
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