Once before many games made ​​in a minimalist style literally attacked android and other mobile platforms, the reasons for this are many, these games are simple, inexpensive, and, as they say, kratost - the sister of talent, that's Leap of their number, even the name is short!

All that we can see on the board - solid color background and circles, colorful, black and white, nothing else will not. Even so, you can make something complex, but no, did not complicate and therefore our task is reduced to one - to pave the path to launch antimatter molecule to be on his way to collect all the different colored circles and do not crash into the black circles. In general, it is very easy, especially in the early levels, generally no difficulty, draw the line, run the molecule and see how it flies on the playing field ... but after going a little bit you will realize that everything becomes a little more complicated, because the path will become curvier and crash into obstacles can be once or twice! Further issues will become more and more, but the process and the goal will remain unchanged, so that it will be difficult to get confused.

Concisely, but not everywhere.
Most often, the simpler the game the more likely the lack of a negative, but in this case he showed up, and very quickly. The biggest disappointment - only 30 levels, but the game is paid, worth about half a dollar, there is no trial version. The second disappointment - there is no background music, not that much is upset, but it would be nice. And finally the third time - and learning tips here either, so sometimes difficult levels have a lot of time to spend on it to see what happens, respectively, only then try to pass the level already consciously.

The result of the game Leap for android: To be honest, the game is good, but I would buy it did not for one simple reason - few levels are very few levels! Agree that paying at least as much as you want to get a lot of hours of gameplay, but not in this case. On the other hand it is possible that the levels released yet, but when it happens - a different story!



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4.3★ 86%

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2015/03/24 08:56
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