Merchants of Kaidan
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Name Forever Entertainment is clearly not at the hearing, but we already have reviews of their games, and some of them offered us a very, very interesting stories with unusual gameplay. We are talking about games like Millie, Violett, Sparkle 2 Evo and some others. Each of these games are bright, thanks to which they captivates, although most of them are paid and therefore not only collected the proper audience. By the way, this game is also paid and our main task is to understand whether it is better value for money or spend it on something else.

The plot of the game is not the most common, our hero is not just another knight or a seeker of justice victim, not a magician, not a magician, not an adventurer and certainly not representative of the other world, decided to challenge fate. Try to be a very ordinary merchant who travels to distant lands in order to make money. I love when stories are attracted to something real and understandable, as this time.

Complexity that pounce on you right away.
easy to call the game does not work, at least because there is a real economy and challenges, but it is not the most important thing. The main problem - it is only in English, but you must understand that trade is closely associated with large amounts of communication and a ton of other information. So it turns out ... the dialogues, books, characters ... in general all those who do not know English, you can filter once, they will not be able to play, at least consciously. If you are willing to understand English - read on.

The very first thing you have to do - to hire an assistant to the nearest tavern and talk to dozens of people willing to provide information about other cities, to purchase goods and go to where the benefits seem most expected. But the game will not leave you to fend for themselves and offer all kinds of quests, I recommend starting with them, it will help you understand what is happening and understand that it is better to buy and sell, because without a minimum experience to stay with empty pockets then you can in a jiffy.

Making games Merchants of Kaidan and gameplay.
At first glance the design here is very simple and resembles the game book, but I do not recommend believe the pictures, in reality, the game looks wonderful, plus will be the fact that all the models and the city drawn by hand. Nevertheless, most of the time you spend looking at the stylized antique frames and dialogs with lists of goods. But if we look, it will cause genuine interest, believe me.

Outcome: Merchants of Kaidan game is worth the money, that's for sure. At least for the fact that she thoroughly thought out, for that here the mass dialogues and opportunities for unusual approach and a lot of what else. But once again draw your attention to - buy it only if you are able to understand the English language!


Merchants of Kaidan


4.2★ 83.98%

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2015/03/21 11:53
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