Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic
2.4 (10)

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic


Just want to say that this game for a very, very narrow audience, at the moment it downloaded a little over a thousand users Google Play and here's why. To get started is a classic platform RPG, a genre that is not only interesting, but also challenging! But when we talk about RPG we think about at least Diablo, and then graph the level of Ultima first generations, in short - 8-bit! It scares many, not everyone is willing to spend time on the game without paying attention to her appearance, only the dinosaurs. But time is not all that you have to spend in this case, still have to spend money, the game is priced and very much so. Instead of the usual dollar that developers often want to get into such projects then you will be asked to 6.5 dollars ... that at least 2 times more expensive than the standard price for a decent game for android. As a result, we obtain the pixel RPG is worth 6.5 dollars ... you know that very few people are interested, anyway, to get around this side of the game, I could not have in her unique charm and could not get rid of it!

According to the classics of the genre you have to fight the forces of darkness, who sent their sons to the ground, a task which was not very good - to destroy humanity! But at the same classics of the genre found a group of heroes who have decided to go on a dangerous journey and to prevent such a sad disposition. Needless group will manage you. And just a couple of minutes after the beginning of the trip you will have a problem ... the game is not something that is difficult, it is terribly difficult! For example, in the usual performance of almost any game, there are three levels of difficulty - easy, medium and hard, then they, too, are three, but they sound like: hard, impossible, deadly ...
Frankly, I do not know how to beat the game on Hard whether there is at least someone was about it for deadly - remains a mystery ... maybe it attracts? Buy a game that will take you to the next 10 years? Then $ 600 is not a pity ... but how much patience you need something! In this game there is no Donat, so the aid can not even hope only for yourself ...

In addition, the world's Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic awaits you:

  • three dozen different classes of characters, each class is unique!
  • a huge amount of different weapons and armor
  • Thirteen of the most dangerous dungeons and difficult boss
  • three different companies with its own story
  • there is even a graveyard of heroes who have fallen under your leadership
  • many interesting NPC, dialogues, stories ...
  • huge set of random events
  • a bunch of achievements that are not so easy to unlock

Bottom line: the game is definitely cool and it can become a new religion for fans of classic role-playing games, but among the minuses - a terrible difficulty, the issue price and the fact that all the dialogue in the game will be in English only ... but as I said, this game for a narrow circle of admirers.


Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic


2.36★ 47.25%

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2015/03/18 10:42
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