Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Back in the 80s, to find himself in Miami and, moreover, had a ball - that offers us the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! What pleases, it is an official product of the masterpiece Rockstar Games, Inc., and not some kind of soup set of fans, everything is serious! So it is not surprising that the game will retain the same look and feel is not much different from the version for PC or consoles. Especially since it was quite a long way updates and improvements.
Therefore Download this game you get:

  • great graphics even at high resolution
  • different models of cars, people, buildings and everything else
  • management completely revamped, it is customizable and is perfect for mobile devices
  • the plot is not cut so many hours of gameplay are guaranteed
  • If desired, you can connect the joystick
  • schedule also can be customized by each device
  • the game is available in eight languages ​​and has been tested on a large number of devices

I'd add that Vice City is my favorite game in the series Grand Theft Auto, by itself that there is less opportunity and graphics worse than in the later parts of the world smaller, but thanks to this you will know it by heart, every corner, every car, with plunged into the atmosphere of this unique and do not want to go there. And who wants to leave the world of fast cars, complete lawlessness and Hawaiian shirts?

Of the minuses can be noted only the fact that the game itself is paid, at the same time to call it cheap does not work, the price - nearly five dollars, but no later Donati, it is a fact. About a million people to download and play, so the decision is yours. Also, if you have already played on a PC, a situation may arise in which you will be inconvenient and uncomfortable to play on the tablet and the phone more, but you need to adequately realize the difference in screen size and the consequences that this entails a degree of allowance.

Outcome: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was left by itself, and this is important! And to buy or not, is up to you, in any case, it is determined only by the fact you want to pass this great game on android or prefer the version on the big screen.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


4.14★ 82.89%

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2015/03/17 09:04
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