As practice has shown to mix genres can be very useful game gets intense and interesting enough, so we'll see what we did this time, until the maximum that confuses - the name of the game, which would hint at the outcome ... but let's think positively, suddenly help.

Without clan or tribe.
All that we know the format of the game - so almost nothing, there is no screen saver with at least some introductory videos, no training, nothing. There are only a house that you want to defend against waves of zombies, that's just as towers will serve you, running around the house with a gun and firing these zombies themselves. Process insanely simple, but in spite of this addictive and interesting, especially when, after the first few waves you will find a box with bonuses and you can get cool weapons, thanks to which the process will go much faster. The more weapons you can discover, the more tactics can be used, because different fit in different situations better than ever. In general, this is all you need to know about the game, the rest is learned in the process.

Features No Hope:

  • six types of weapons
  • eight types of bonuses
  • two dozen levels
  • three dozen different achievements
  • it is possible to improve defended by object
  • no Donata

And as without flaws?
Disadvantages here are definitely even more. For example, after the death of all your results disappear, so that each time will have to start all over again. And the most important drawback is the fact that the game is paid, no options. Price - half dollar or so, not that much, but the game itself is scanty pay for the project.

Bottom line: it seemed to me - the project can devote time and attention but only on condition that the game will allow to download for free, otherwise not see him a lot of fans.


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general information
Version 1.0
date of download 2017-06-10 15:43
The size 43.55 MB
English No
Android 2.3+
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3.73★ 74.66%

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2015/03/16 11:07
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