Dungeon Hunter 5
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Dungeon Hunter series of games at one time was a breakthrough for android is now full of decent RPG and to be honest there are plenty to choose from, but once it was different and obvious result was the most popular. It is much higher than the statistics may reflect downloads on Google Play, as all games in the series were with Donat or paid, many preferred
download them hacked to third-party resources, plus this is not a game that will be comfortable playing on the screens low resolution and size, all focused mostly on the plates, and powerful, which also greatly reduces the audience, but even though it is about this game everyone knows and many developers can only be on it. But even among independent and high-quality projects similar in nature Dungeon Hunter has always stood out and the developers have decided that it's time to kick the ass of competitors and released the fifth part!

What awaits you in the game Dungeon Hunter 5:

  • a good story and a logical continuation of the story
  • itself online and the opportunity to interact with other players
  • exciting campaigns with adventure in the five kingdoms
  • the ability to create their own weapons
  • almost half a hundred variations of armor
  • one and a half hundreds of variations of weapons
  • five elements that you can master
  • plenty of stock and tournaments
  • quite thoughtful gameplay, smooth animation and great graphics

In addition to the game added a new feature - a refuge, to put it simply it is the house in which will be your treasure, and to be protected from other players, a very interesting thing, but give you a lot of problems;)

But Dungeon Hunter 5 can not be called perfect, but it will probably never was, but look at weaknesses in detail.
To start the schedule, it is excellent, but not revolutionary as it did before, then it is worth noting that the game is essentially became somewhat modified variation of the fourth part, which is not surprising. The fourth part was more popular all the previous ones, so fundamental changes in the mechanics, interface, control, and other moments did not make the one hand this is good, on the other hand many expectations are not met. The new part has a type of open world who stabbed severely limiting your missions, so that a full experience on your adventure can not wait. Just as before the game has Donat, which is almost everywhere, yes, he is able to provide a pleasant and more interesting game, but if you do not have the ability or desire, then you will suffer, especially when dealing with players who do not mind to pay a couple of hundred dollars ...

Bottom line: the revolution did not happen, instead of a kick in the ass competitors received only gentlemen's "phi", which is paid to the unlikely attention. Nevertheless, the game quality and interesting, beautiful and quite demanding, with Donati retractor gameplay as before. For fans of the fourth part so all happiness, no major changes. In general, everyone can find here something for themselves, fans - well made sequel, but fans of a lot of reasons to find fault;)


Dungeon Hunter 5


4.44★ 88.89%

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2015/03/14 11:05
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