Epic War TD 2
3.9 (79)


Genre TD constantly updated with new members and that one of them, and this time the game is immediately paid, but you can quickly understand what exactly developers want money. The game looks fantastic! But the question remains whether it is played well, let's find out.

To begin with you should pay attention to the world around you ... he obviously destroyed and is in full decline, but how and why it happened to find out it does not, because the game does not have a plot. Similarly, for the same reason, do not get to find out who and why you are attacked, so we can only guess. Could this ruin tower defense genre? I do not think.

The gameplay in these games is very important, and we should pay him the most attention.
In fact, the gameplay here is classic, towers can be placed in different locations, but only where they want developers, though a lot of places, so the choice will always be. Quite a lot of towers, each can be improved, too many enemies, and with each new wave is becoming more and more ... By the way, one of the problems of the game - the complexity ... already in the first ten levels of the problems you will have a ton and it is no exaggeration!

To find fault in any way does not work, so this is a clearance. It is here just on top, not only for its genre, but for most games available on Android. Detailed excellent models of towers and enemies interesting and well-developed, even trash and debris scattered on the level cause some interest, not counting the ruins of buildings and other elements, then the developers are just great!

Features Epic War TD 2:

  • nine types of towers and two kinds of towers with super-weapons
  • more than four dozen kinds of enemies
  • improvements to the towers
  • easy to use menu
  • stunning graphics
  • floor hundreds of missions
  • more than one hundred hours of gameplay

Disadvantages of the game Epic War TD 2:

  • the game is paid, the price is almost $ 3
  • it is very difficult it is, to be honest

Bottom line: it is clear that for the money and want to get more out of this game category. Developers promise hundreds of hours of gameplay are very real, especially considering the complexity of the game ... this despite the fact that Donato is not here and have to manage that that is on par with other players. In addition for such a visualization of money just do not mind, so if you like challenging TD - buy a must!


Epic War TD 2


3.95★ 78.95%

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2015/03/03 09:37
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