The era of Sparta
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Gameloft is a very large and very well-known developer of France, if someone does not know. They make a lot of games, most of them good and popular, such as a series of Asphalt, Modern Combat, Dungeon Hunter, Marvell games on comics and much more. They were among the first to actively enter the game in the format of Free to Play (you can play for free, but the game will be a lot Donat) and on the part of many projects is spoiled. Anyway, their games have always been interesting and quality, albeit with Donato, but today I'm going to swear, to swear a lot, because this game is sheer audacity!

About Donat and places without originality.
Even in 2013, Gameloft released the game World at Arms (World on Fire), it was a review on our website. People liked the game, despite the abundance of Donat and cheaters with which to fight, but all still do not destroy, and sometimes the innocent suffer. The number of its downloads exceeded 10 million, and it is only on Android, as I understand it. Overall, this was expected - online strategy with not the ordinary plot and implementation, besides the developers and today it does not give up and continued to pour tuned by the way is not always successful.
But what I do about the game World at Arms? And besides that the era of Sparta is an exact copy of it !!!! Well, yes, in the last game action took place on probation now, troops, buildings and equipment were appropriate, and in the era of Sparta all somewhat less developed, spears, shields, axes, and so on ... But the graphics, mechanics, the principle of the battle ... it's the same game with the replaced models! And this is after 2 years after the last ??? And it goes in this as in the previous game there Donat and if you play online, you will meet all the same problems ... with all of this, many complain about crashes, startup problems, incorrect display of fonts ... I'm here I honestly do not understand when something happened and began to produce a great developer of the game is not even processing them on the technical side?

The result of the game The era of Sparta: I do not know what's new and good can tell you about this game if you like it or awful like World at Arms, then you have the opportunity to throw all that you have achieved, and to do this in an identical game, just as King Sparta, but if you do not like the Donut, copy and generally crude projects - do not recommend.

If want to download, do not forget to CACHE, put in the directory: sd / android / obb


The era of Sparta


3.88★ 77.64%

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2015/03/01 10:14
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