Generally game LIMBO may well seem familiar to many gamers, it is not surprising, because this is the case when the Android platform was the last game before anyone got ... She appeared in the summer of 2010 on the console X-box 360, and it took four and a half years to get up to us, but that does not make it worse, on the contrary - a new opportunity to experience nostalgia. So we will not be offended by such a delay! Besides, this game was the winner in a large number of nominations and received a lot of good reviews from reputable gaming publications, summarizing can skzaat that such games to play is mandatory if you do not care about the game industry in general.

Game LIMBO is among the most games that appear in the image ... not really, but in reality is a true masterpiece! So do not judge by the screenshots or video, be sure to play, and only then judge.
Let's look at what's so special is waiting for us in the game LIMBO:

  • graphics in the game is quite simple and even 2D, but you can fully interact with the world, and any change makes sense
  • style of the game is perfect, it is dark and gloomy, but necessary if you pay attention to the little things - will be in delight!
  • the plot of the game is not only interesting, it has a completely open final, which means your every decision will affect the outcome, which gives an amazing replayability
  • soundtrack here is beautiful and very appropriate, especially if you like the style of music ambient

On the plot of the game and its supply is to talk separately, because he laid out and has a strong religious foundation. For design, what they do not explicitly say, only hinted at, the main character was in a world that Catholics call Limb - which is a place that somewhere between hell and paradise, where the soul may be as long as it does not decide difficult choice. The symbolism in this game just rolls over, so if you are ready to go into the details, the game will take you to a vast world of experience, and many other interesting things. If you want a simple arcade game in which you can run without thinking about what is happening, it is also nice, but it will not open the game for good 80%, whereas if the point?

And about the meaning and necessity of this game you have to think, and for another reason - it paid :)
Unfortunately even the free trial version of the developers have not provided, they are confident in their product and it is commendable, but still ... it's a pity that only giving $ 5 you will appreciate this masterpiece, otherwise nothing.

Outcome: LIMBO is a game with deep meaning and only if you need one and only of interest if you want to dive into this unusual world you really like it, otherwise it's just a good puzzle arcade game.



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4.15★ 82.9%

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2015/02/13 11:08
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