Gunslugs Game 2, is not difficult to guess, is a continuation of the first part, released the same developer, namely - OrangePixel! To be honest, I love these guys, they make a gorgeous game! For example, two of the game Meganoid, Stardash, rubilovo Mini Army, INC: The Beginning, Heroes of Loot and a few other cool games. All of them are more or less similar to each other, because they are the pixel, and here especially not overclocking, so that from the second part of the game can not wait Gunslugs cool graphics or fundamental differences, it is strongly reminiscent of the first part and it is good :)

To say that this game developer popular I can not, few of them have over a half a million more downloads, but as I understand it's true audience of loyal fans, which is slowly but surely growing. This despite the fact that the policy of these developers is simple - almost every game has paid and free versions, prices are quite affordable, but still. As for Gunslugs 2 - she only paid worth two dollars, but the game is worth the money and I'm sure that everyone who played in the first part of the consent.

But back to the game itself, which as you already understood done in retro style. And as we all know, an important part of the game was the complexity of those times, nobody makes games that can be passed to and from a few hours, so Gunslugs 2 very difficult game so I do not recommend it for people to buy inadequately responsive to the need to pass the level again and again and again ... and again.

In the story of the game kind of corporation under the name "Black Duck" decided to take the entire galaxy, and the first step was the big tower they built all over the world, as well as the need to cut the evil at the root of your character go on a dangerous journey to destroy the tower and destroy the plans "Black Duck".
The gameplay is the same game turned intense and frankly cool, at least because here there is a bunch of story with the last part, at least you are starting from the same point where the end of the story of the first game. Very pleased with the settings menu of the game, at first it may seem that it is not, but in fact he realized how your staff, for which you need to move by character, for example if you need music settings - go to the music devices and so on, the idea is very original. Enemies will be a lot and they will be different, locations too rich, then you and traps and all sorts of bonuses and lots of other things, to put it mildly - not bored. And most importantly - the gameplay, hard shooter in which you can not stop, can not stop the fire, a real hardcore! Do not forget that the management here is simply magnificent, as such, no bugs, so that everything goes like clockwork!

The result of the game Gunslugs 2: 100% must have if you played the first part and were satisfied, mandatory for review to all lovers of retro and games in the 8-bit format, and indeed, the game itself is just super! But do not forget, it is difficult and paid, so if bought - not Retrieve your lost!


Gunslugs 2


3.56★ 71.26%

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2015/02/07 10:24
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