Valiant Hearts: The Great War
3.8 (54)
Valiant Hearts: The Great War


For a start it is worth noting that this game does not do any newcomers with great enthusiasm, and veterans of the business - Ubisoft, for many, they need no introduction, for other authors say that this franchise Driver, and they released on Android Trials Frontier, Assassin's Creed several versions, Motoheroz and many other games, here it came before the game Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which is a graphic novel about the First World War.

Policy Ubisoft.
This developer is great, their products are always of high quality and for the most part are tightened in any case. But as it should be, every decent developer wants money for his work, this case was no exception. Game released in two versions, as is often done - the full version and cut-down, that's just too early to celebrate, both options are not free! Stripped-down version costs $ 2.5 and US $ 8.5 full already ... and buy a cheaper version and buy the episodes get inside somehow cheaper than once to buy the full version ... in general pricing is quite strange, but do nothing . What is also sad - for reviews of some who have purchased the full version - the game is quite short and it can pass the day - the other, if you like, and like it;)

Features Valiant Hearts: The Great War

  • unique design due to this art
  • a lot of emotions and experiences
  • very interesting adventure
  • war, puzzles and study of the world
  • many characters with different fates
  • unreal story based on real events and places
  • many historical references and articles collected by means of experts

Bottom line: As usual with Ubisoft, this game is excellent, interesting and accomplished in his inimitable style, cool story and attention to historical events also appeal to many fans of history ... for the rest, I recommend to buy a cheaper version and buy the episodes in the game, so get a little cheaper ...


Valiant Hearts: The Great War


3.78★ 75.57%

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2015/01/31 11:23
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