bit Dungeon II
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bit Dungeon II


It is strange, but paid games in the format of 8-bit continue to be popular, at least part of the first bit Dungeon found its 50,000 fans at a cost of a little more than a dollar, not much, but still! The second part of the game a bit more expensive, it costs $ 2.5 already, but it is slowly but surely rocked ... what's the secret?

With regard to the filing of the game, the gameplay and all she vosprinimetsya, here we must pay tribute to the author of KintoGames, because the game is sure to hook, prolong, attract and make admire all who loved and continues to love games like Diablo, Ultima, Zelda and many others similar to them. Today, there are not many games in which you will be able to experience the very emotions as then, yes, it was long ago and almost forgotten, but the developer remembers taking advantage of this, he is able to create a great game!

The game's plot bit Dungeon II:
Needless there is a dungeon stuffed undead, this is where you find yourself, and there you will be surrounded by demons and other offspring, of course you have to defend themselves, and among other things try to perform quests. Why your hero so hard? As it is the old quarter, but it turned out that in this terrible place got his soul, which requires sedation, so it is in your best interest to get out of here!

Other amenities in the game bit Dungeon II:

  • the game is complicated, in fact you have just one opportunity to rise again
  • Each weapon has its own unique and individual characteristics
  • what use then is pumped, hello Ultima;)
  • dungeons in the game are huge and each time randomly generated
  • bosses are terrible and dangerous, try not to die
  • Other enemies will also instill in you the horror ..
  • excellent eight-bit soundtrack
  • after beating the game, you can do it again with the same character, and so on ad infinitum!

Disadvantages bit Dungeon II:

  • perhaps if only two and a half dollars that will have to pay for it

Bottom line: great game in its genre made ​​for a narrow circle of admirers, from the part that makes the product an exclusive and why I like it very much;)


bit Dungeon II


4.54★ 90.75%

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2015/01/30 09:55
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