Usually when it comes to hardcore games I imagine something classic, with a mind terribly simple, perhaps even in the form of 8-bit, but today things are a bit different, in any case there is a plot!

The plot robotex.
To say that the game has a cool story, I can not, because the plot ordinary and familiar to all, but something truthful. The problem is that people pollute the planet on which they live and in the game we presented the time when it came to the extremes that led to the need to find a new home. The planet seems to have found a but, as usual, it requires research and some modifications to be addressed by a robot under your control. In fact you have to just simply fly through 2D levels and shoot ... Anyway, in fact, your mission is to save humanity, and it must be difficult ... and yes, as it turned out, it is very difficult!

Gameplay robotex.
As already mentioned, fly and shoot - your everything as it should be plus hardcore game should not be a problem in the management, so it is implemented using only two buttons, so do not get confused;)
What could be the problem here? In fact, on the number of difficulties in the visible area of ​​the screen at the height of the game just because you expect not only the obstacles that need to maneuver around and evil enemies who not only tried to kill you, but also know how to disguise!
Your robot does not differ a great maneuverability, after a collision can fly in any direction at all, and to all other danger may arise from anywhere - top, bottom, left, right - it does not matter, it is important that it will be! Everything else add high tempo and the ability to save only in designated areas marked with an asterisk that can be easily overlooked in the confusion. In summary it is possible to say with certainty that there is a level which will pass the first time and it is a fact.

Outcome: robotex game is far from perfect - simple graphics, murky image on large screens to download need to pay a dollar ... but as I mentioned earlier, it is for those who prefer to suffer during gameplay for people with iron nerves and incredible concentration, for those who are ready to confront any dangers on the way to rescue of civilization!




4.25★ 85.02%

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2015/01/22 12:51
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