Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders
4.2 (325)

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders


In fact it is a complete aircraft simulator with elements of arcade, arcade or simulation elements - call it what you like, but such games on Android is very small, the better, plus there no cruelty to your piloting skills - yes, difficult, but to learn You can pretty quickly. In addition, in this game you are waiting for not only the battle with the computer on subjects of major battles of World War II, but also the opportunity to fight with other players online, which is also cool!

In general, this game can be considered a continuation of Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, except that the developer was replaced, and if earlier it was BANDAI NAMCO Games, a name known in many circles, but now it is certain Atypical Games, which say something and nothing special, but it did not prevent them from doing a great game!

It is also worth to pay tribute to the developers for what they correctly thought out game variety, because in many similar games with this rather poorly, but simply to soar in the clouds to meet the enemy in the hope still annoying. Therefore, this game has a lot of different scenarios - and they are suitable for one game and for online battles, in particular classic battle in the air, capture the flag, base defenses and some other options, so that everyone can find something for the soul .

Not without a certain number of drawbacks, including the fact that the game is paid, though it costs only 1 dollar, that is not serious. But buying the game for just a dollar you can not protect themselves from Donati, who here too there is, of course this is not some kind of energy, but just buns for those who want to be the coolest.

Pros and features of the game Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

  • cool graphics
  • great flight simulation
  • many playing options
  • planes from World War II
  • have the opportunity to fight online
  • excellent management

Disadvantages of the game Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

  • issue price - $ 1
  • there Donat

Bottom line: the previous part of the game was good, but with some minor shortcomings, in this case, defects corrected, no new nashtampovali and at the same time schedule became a little better, so ... game aerobatics!


Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders


4.25★ 84.93%

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2014/12/28 11:20
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