Pinball Planet
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What can we say about the game that is built into Windows? Most likely it is damn hot! What can I say, if one divides the Pinball folder with the most famous solitaire, but unlike solitaire it more dynamic and has a lot of opportunities for the development of the plot and the general change of the game and the gameplay than the developers of LuGus Studios and decided to use to make the game Pinball Planet, here Only she paid ... but maybe it's worth it?

The basic idea of ​​games such as Pinball and many others is that it is not only a classic that never goes out of fashion, but also periodically become more popular than usual, so that the genre here miscalculate hard fans will always be;)
As for the game Pinball Planet, then yes, it's a classic pinball, but there is one point in it which some may very confusing, in particular - the game is quite complicated. The complexity here is not in the gameplay, which is pretty ordinary, but the fact that the opening of new locations in which lies the whole point of the game needs a lot of stars who can not buy Donat, they can only win at locations completing quests, which will take a long time, believe me! It turns out that by opening the first location for starting the stars you have to spend a lot of time on it to accumulate stars to the next ... the next will occur in approximately the same, on the other hand can be for some people it will be a good incentive?

Pros and features of the game Pinball Planet:

  • timeless classics
  • pretty good schedule for this genre
  • many interesting playing fields
  • interactive world in which the ball interacts with all
  • good physics
  • weight assignments that will take you a long time

Disadvantages game Pinball Planet:

  • game fee, the price of about three dollars
  • a long time to produce a star to open a new location

Bottom line: if you do not find fault, then this game is not just a pinball which can quickly get bored, this pinball which is the goal of which he can not get bored so quickly ... on the other hand, if you're a fan of the genre, there is no spare money, the game is good.


Pinball Planet


4.22★ 84.48%

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2014/12/22 10:27
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