Anomaly Defenders
3.2 (10)

Anomaly Defenders


If anyone is familiar with the works of 11 bit studios, then immediately realize that this game is essentially a third part of the defense of the saga. Yes, there is a small story;)
That's only if the first two parts were quite related and give you the opportunity to defend their homeland from the alien attack, the third part of the plot a bit turned upside down, because now you have to play for most of the aliens! The truth of the main ideas of the developers did not back down - you do not have to conquer the land which in the past often you so carefully protected, you have to defend aliens who try to flee home, and people are harassed and persecuted them. Someone can download the plot sucked from the finger - can it be so, but if he needs you to do if your hands gorgeous Tower Defense?
In fact, with the gameplay in this part too, nothing new has happened - this is the usual tower defense period.
Here, again, a moot point, because someone is always wants something new and different, especially from the third part of the game, but many are very happy about the fact that the next part has not experienced a fundamental change. In this game, so it happened, it's hard to call it a drawback, it's just a classic of the genre.
The only thing that has changed in the game - graphics and other visual components, of course, they are even better! So we get a classic game that pleases the eye, that it will definitely become an important advantage.

Pros and features of the game Anomaly Defenders:

  • the continuation of a long battle against aliens
  • many kinds of towers and the possibility of their upgrade
  • different types of opponents
  • wood technology
  • the enemy will attack your tower
  • 24 interesting locations waiting for your feats
  • three levels of difficulty
  • where there is a trick to show;)

Disadvantages of the game Anomaly Defenders:

  • game fee, the price is slightly higher than $ 3.
  • revolutionaries will be upset, in this part of the game no revolution occurred

Bottom line: as the game is paid, it is better before buying explicitly aware of if you need it, and whether you play it a lot, so buy it only if you do not expect from the gameplay of something radically new - a "boring" and very high quality classic.


Anomaly Defenders


3.16★ 63.17%

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2014/11/30 12:45
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