Medford City Asylum
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The game can be safely attributed to the category of quests, it is fully consistent with, moreover, following the trend of this quest will be with mystical bent. In particular (and yes, the plot here a full order) your hero (as usual in splendid isolation) to investigate the strange case.
Our hero works for an insurance company which is under the wing of one old building to be reconstructed, but with the work on the site had some problems - namely, all the builders refused to work, referring to the ghosts, which they saw there. Needless to no one in this stuff and not believe your character is sent at the same building to find a reasonable explanation for what is happening and to resume the workflow.

In general, the game is made according to the classic pattern, but that is fine, turned out quite original and very difficult places. Most of the time you have to spend to find items and clues, but the developers have not forgotten about the puzzle (again, they are complex and non-standard), there is a lot of dialogue and other elements of the game are inherent to the genre. Also worth noting is very beautiful graphics, because it is an important part of the game as a whole - it is impressive, the picture is very thoughtful, detailed and interesting. Assignments, graphics and music create a unique atmosphere and delicious, so impressionable people are generally happy.

And now a little talk about the shortcomings of this game.
Unfortunately they are also there, but I can not say that they are so important. As has already been said - the game is paid, it is not worth little, about four and a half dollars. It's generally not so bad, because for the good of the game you have to pay, but paying the money you get only the English language, and then you need to read a lot, so if you have an English difficulties - do not pay for the game, you can not play . Also in the cons can be written, and the fact that the game can not choose your difficulty level, she is what is, yes, there is a hint, but using just have to wait long to it restored, so may have to get out and play again, sometimes very complicated.

Bottom line: definitely a good game with a paid minor flaws that may deter some users, but if you are adequately assess their capabilities and shortcomings of these you do not bother - safely swing!


Medford City Asylum

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4.35★ 87.09%

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2014/11/24 10:14
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