The Blocks Cometh
4.4 (27)

The Blocks Cometh


The game The Blocks Cometh all his being reminiscent Doodle Jump, the schedule here is simple, too simple control, simple, except for the problem that has no end in sight, you just need to jump up, up and up again! The same principle is used and any other skipping rope, but in this game there are some features that set it apart from much of what you have seen before.
For a start, you can not get used to difficult places because the jump will have the boxes that will fall from the top and bottom of the screen will slowly move up, you have to sootvetstenno simultaneously solve several problems - do not let you catch up with the screen below and follow to your character without giving the incident compartment. Idea Box is as old as the world, because it is terribly reminiscent of Tetris, but it does not make the game worse, on the contrary - brings some personality and singularity. There can be a situation that you are in a hole created okazheets fallen drawers and on the one hand it may seem that your situation hopeless, but the developers have thought about this and have invested in your character's hand blaster shots from which several box can be destroyed, so that desperate situations In this game there is. Needless higher you climb so you will be more difficult, because the game speed will increase, and the height at which you took it only what you can evaluate the results of your labor.

Making the game deserves special attention because it is both retro and cool and stylish. Pastel colors, cool orange background which prodemostriruet city of the future, a lot of different characters which can be unlocked ... hard to describe in words, but when you see it - you will love it!

The only disadvantage that can be attributed to the game - it is, unfortunately, paid, costs a little - not more than two dollars, but still it will scare many potential users. But let's hope that the game will bring the right audience.

Pros game The Blocks Cometh:

  • simple and intuitive gameplay with some innovations
  • cool graphics, you can say art
  • memorable soundtrack from Hyperduck SoundWorks
  • high scores huge number of publishers
  • game is infinite, so that your pleasure and forever!

Disadvantages of the game The Blocks Cometh:
game fee, costs less than two dollars

The result: an incredible and I encourage everyone to buy it who loves retro art and skipping rope!


The Blocks Cometh


4.4★ 87.98%

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2014/11/20 10:25
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