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Quest Republic is a breakthrough in mobile technology, it does not matter that even developed his reason for iOS, the difference is not great, and he is also on android appeared without any problems with the port, the suit is sitting, as they say. Obviously, the power of your device should be appropriate, but with all the novelties is, so do not be surprised. Graphic quality and performance as a whole is comparable only with the latest generation of consoles, such as games for android almost no argue with that very difficult. Besides the impressive pictures awaits you and the game itself, which is made on the conscience, to find fault with something on the technical part here is impossible, but there are other areas in which there is not all perfect, but more on that later.

Game Republique is a complete modern quest with cool story and cool graphics, I do not know what else is needed for happiness. Among other things in the game clearly dominates the format of "stealth", which became very popular and adds sharpness of perception of what is happening. In order not to spoil your fun will not describe in detail the plot, but little to say worth it.
The action takes place in an alternate reality that surrounds you despotism and totalitarianism, the government and corporations have long made common people with their silent servants and cashing in on this without knowing obstacles. The main character - a girl named Hope (Nadja))), which has become the latest victim of the regime. But she was lucky, because in your hands the skills to hack cameras and electronic systems surrounding it, so that together you can arrange it escape and help understand what is happening.

What else is waiting for you in the game Republique:

  • a huge number of jobs
  • mass tactical approaches
  • very simple operation

About the other pros I've already written, I forgot to say that the only game developed in Camouflaj, LLC, maybe you do not know who it is, but it is worth noting that they have participated in the development of some of the masterpieces of the game industry, such as Black & White or FEAR 2 or Metal Gear Solid 4 ... in general the trick they know this, too, do not argue.

Unpleasant, but necessary, so the next paragraph will be entirely set aside the problems of this game. For the most part they are subjective, but will affect many, so it's best to know everything in advance.
The main problems I have identified only two.
First - translation. Yes, it is, some of the most popular languages ​​other than English but it will be subtitles, which is very, very uncomfortable. The game is a lot of jobs, a lot of dialogue, it is built on it, it would not be a disaster translation at all, but few will be able to read the subtitles and enjoy the vaunted graphics, as well as vice versa. As a result, if the English language you do not understand, then to join the gameplay will have to try hard ...
The second problem is financial. In the hundred and first time I will say that these games have to be paid and this game is also paid. That's only $ 3 dollar which is marked on Google Play is not everything, it's only the first episode. For the rest of the episodes (of which only 5) have to pay another 12.5 dollars. Therefore, if you are seriously focused game download and run, then count on a budget exceeding 15 bucks.

Outcome: closing our eyes to the complexity of the mortal with the finance and transfer can only say one thing - it's a masterpiece, against which much becomes absolutely no importance, in contrast to the pleasure that you always get the game, but will be reasonable and try to advance to calculate the forces and opportunities to experience not overshadow domestic difficulties, which, as we can see, there are.




4.2★ 84.05%

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2014/10/28 11:41
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