Simulator Kassir
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Warning: This game is really brutal, so nervous to ask to leave.
The cruelty here is not confined to the demonstration murders or the abundance of blood, violent scenes and the way, not at all, then the cruelty of a different order. To start the game looks pretty shabby, poorly optimized and primitive, while he paid, though it cost less than a dollar, but it is cruel! Next cruelty wormed into the plot of the game, which is to tell apart.
In the story of your hero unemployed body that lives in a rented apartment with her cat. Since there is no work and no money, too, there is more than the actual situation in which you need to feed yourself, cat, buy medicines and pay the rent. Otherwise, you and your cat dies, I'm not kidding here and it will be written!

In general, in order not to die of hunger and do not spend the night on the street, our hero gets a job as a cashier (probably here all sad and more people really did not know how), and so the cashier is actually going to work you. And this is not some fun arcade game, you really will punch items, give change ... The main thing is not to make mistakes in the day there are only three errors made more - fired. Just at the end of each day, you will receive a salary that you want to distribute to their needs, again, to die ... In my opinion work in the game is also cruelly manipulated through cats - brutally, three errors - cruel!

Features Simulator Kassir:

  • This game stands out among others
  • realistic simulator I've never met
  • oddly enough, but it will be interesting
  • cruelty that you will feel all my heart
  • do not let the cat and its owner to die of hunger

Disadvantages Simulation Kassir:

  • terrible graphics
  • poor optimization
  • game paid for all this

Bottom line: I can not recommend this game to anyone, because someone just upset because of its quality and the money spent, and someone will be until the end of his life he worked as a cashier to a virtual cat lived, but agree that such games android did not know ;)


Simulator Kassir


4★ 79.91%

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2014/11/07 10:26
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