Shadowrun Returns
3.6 (76)

Shadowrun Returns


If we compare with the old games, it brings to mind something like code: PARADISE and similar. Those games with its unique atmosphere, and this atmosfernost lock literally every player and allowed to spend on the game years in the truest sense of the word. Atmospheric game Shadowrun Returns also deserves all the praise, it is made ​​on the conscience of the plot, with locations, with important details and dialogue. Plus everything else here is very good graphics and very interesting location, so that the current rating of the game by 4.4 points out of a possible 5 is not in doubt.

Itself deserves a lot of attention the story. The game takes place in a strange world, successfully combines fantasy and high-tech, so to speak cyberpunk which have not forgotten about magic and sorcery. World is ruled by corporations, the concept of honor and dignity has long been forgotten, everything is subject to finance and few people trying to fight against it. Sullen and gloomy atmosphere will haunt you from the beginning to the end. Your character is one of the representatives of a special caste of mercenaries - creatures ready to perform any task for decent wages.
Once you receive a letter, in which lies a difficult task, its essence - to avenge the death of your friend, who died just able to make it. In addition to the desire for revenge you find the payment of your work, so do not give up work. So what you're involved in a war with a large number of corporations and uvyazzhih in this swamp characters.

The gameplay is classic - I hope everyone is familiar with turn-based tactical role-playing games, that's the way it looks. You will have a team of heroes, each can move a certain number of cells per turn, each will have the skills, tools and other features, there is something to work on and have to figure out what a word.

But there is in the game and one huge minus. Incidentally, I do not mean that it is paid, these games have to be paid. The problem is that the game is literally packed full of characters and dialogue, the dialogue here is very often decide to twist or your destiny, which in general is very cool and interesting, but they are only available in English ... Basic knowledge does not suffice, you need to know the language very good to feel at ease in the story and all the nuances that are in the game Sea. That's up to be able to or not.

Pluses of the game Shadowrun Returns:

  • coolest atmosphere alternate reality
  • convenient operation
  • twirled plot
  • Excellent graphics
  • a lot of dialogue and characters
  • mass of skills and equipment

Cons of the game Shadowrun Returns:

  • Paid game
  • translated into English only

Conclusion: The game is excellent, which is worth its $ 2.5, but you can not play if you are swimming in the knowledge of the English language. But if you are confident in their abilities and you liking the genre - not even hesitate and buy it!


Shadowrun Returns


3.58★ 71.6%

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2014/10/29 10:55
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