When the game is simple - it is difficult to start with something concrete, more so when on the development of the game worked exactly one night ... she offered you the process of survival abstract spaceship in abstract outer space, more reminiscent of the cave ... All in all - all graphics the game is very geometric, it is not the angularity of the problems with the models of them here as there are none, it is a complete 2D, by the way is pretty high quality, but geometric. So your ship - trapeze, asteroids - polygons with different shapes, and other elements - projecting triangles and rectangles that mimic the rock.

Problem here is the only one - to fly as far as possible, earning points as far as possible. Developers named his creation "scripted scroller", while not hiding that the gameplay is very fast, even insane. So that your ship will lurch from side to side at a breakneck pace, while continuing to move forward. So just need to be aware of the amount of nerves that will be required for this game. All you need to remember - you can not crash into the rocks, asteroids, even the big ram can, but not many in a row, because after each contact with asteroids level of your shields will be at zero, so it will take a bit of time that they have recovered. Nothing else gameplay you can not offer, so try - may prolong;)

Pluses of the game ALONE ...

  • unique indie project created overnight
  • original idea with a good implementation
  • wild gameplay
  • simple operation
  • three levels of difficulty
  • excellent soundtrack

Cons games ALONE ...

  • Paid game, worth a little more than two dollars
  • nerves she spoil you

Conclusion: respect for indie projects has always been, for the most part because the developers have tried to free and spent many hours on the development of the game, not always perfect, but when the game is paid, plus one does not hide that she spent the night ... the world is clearly headed in the wrong direction!



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4.61★ 92.27%

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2014/10/29 09:24
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