Game I called a miracle, because in comparison with many of the fact that there is android today is a completely different level, but there are no miracles, everybody knows it, so that there is a logical explanation. The developers of this game are real people from Amanita Design, the firm with the name of which is not very well known, but is known to millions of their last project - Machinarium! Yes, yes, it is that they did a great quest and finally released something new. Moreover, the visual similarity is absolutely no, maybe by design, but because of the gloomy world which is dominated by iron and stone, were leaden clouds and mass mechanisms Steampunk we will transfer almost into the bosom of nature, to be precise - on a tree branch ...

Like Machinarium, this quest is very strange ... in a good way, at least logically, many things here are not amenable to that, in general, is not required, the main thing - the atmosphere which can be enjoyed for hours. Unfortunately Android has become one of the latest platforms that was released this quest a little earlier, he appeared on the PC, consoles and other platforms, so that the owners of the android again at the end of the queue, but do not let the bad news.

In this game there is a story, and it's perfect! Plot tells about an ordinary tree, which wound up a nasty parasite that destroys it. The task of your heroes deliver sprout of tree on the ground that he has grown and all were able to move there. The action will unfold on the branches of a tree, you will find a lot of its inhabitants with each of them can somehow interact. Heroes of the game is a different story, there will be five of us, all of them are of natural origin, and each has unique skills that you will need to master. The graphics in this game is just awesome, animated every detail, every millimeter appears to be alive and moving, branches will be transparent and you can watch them both, almost like veins flows the blood of wood. Individual words and voice deserves, it is also beautiful, each element emits its own sound in the interaction, the background music fits perfectly ... All that can be said in the compilation - wear headphones, will be much better!

Pluses of the game Botanicula:

  • quality that can be felt
  • stunning graphics and sounds
  • beautiful story
  • fantastic game world
  • the ease with which you can play it is suitable for everybody
  • you have no idea how many there hidden opportunities
  • One hundred and fifty locations that must be investigated
  • Hundreds of animated elements
  • highest ratings

Cons games Botanicula:

  • game fee, but $ 2.5 for it is not the money

Conclusion: The game is not perceived as a quest, more like a long and very interesting story, of which you are and will become. By all standards, it is no worse than the last draft of the developers and a cut above many other quests for android, in principle, if you do not want to play in the mobile version, download at least on the computer!




3.83★ 76.6%

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2014/10/19 09:42
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